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Tree Felling Pretoria Area
We are one of the most trusted companies in Pretoria, Gauteng. Bramland understands what it takes to deliver the best tree felling services in Gauteng. Tree felling and removal can have a lot of unique challenges, and we at Bramland take pride in our problem-solving abilities. We offer insured services. Our team is fully trained, highly experienced, and reliable. Bramland tree felling offers highly competitive prices. Contact us for fast and efficient, free quotations.

Trimming and Pruning Pretoria Area
Trimming and pruning a tree, shrub, or bush, is cutting away dead or overgrown branches. Having properly maintained trees will encourage healthy tree growth, and will assist with the aesthetics of your property. It can also increase your property value, prevent infestation, and let through more sunlight where required. Dead branches are dangerous, they can break off and fall unexpectedly and seriously injure someone or cause property damage. Contact Bramland tree felling in Pretoria East, for your trimming and pruning needs.

Stump Grinding and Removal Pretoria Area
Bramland uses stump grinders to get rid of those unsightly stumps on your property. We have small and large stump grinders. The smaller ones are a relatively light piece of equipment. The stump grinder will quickly grind the stump down to 300-350mm below ground level. Deeper grinds can be achieved but it is very seldom necessary. When finished only a mixture of wood chips and soil is left. The leftover product is normally disposed of within most gardens as mulch.

Wood Chipping Pretoria, and Surrounding Areas
Bramland tree felling has wood chippers available. The wood chipper can be used to chip various branches after a tree has been cut down, or pruned. The wood chipper can also be used to quickly clean sites. We are also renting / hiring out wood chippers in the Pretoria, Gauteng area. We have wood chips for sale for self-collection or delivery.
Uses for wood chips:
– to make natural compost
-burned to make charcoal
-used as fuel for turbines or any fireplace
-coarse or larger wood chips, to create a decorative footpath in the garden
-it can be worked into the garden soil, it helps to fertilize and keep moisture in the soil for a longer
-a lot of farmers use it in their farmlands for the above purpose

Irrigation Pretoria Area
Contact Bramland in Pretoria East for your irrigation needs. Bramland does installations of manual and automatic irrigation systems. A manual system is cheaper compared to an automatic one. The manual system is also efficient and allows you to water your garden by opening some valves by hand, no more dragging the garden hose around.
The automatic system works with electronic valves and an electronic control/timer. By the installation of an automatic system, you will save time, money, and water. The System timer has different options and can be set to your needs. Whether you prefer a manual or automatic system, it is very important to always have a rain sensor included. Bramland also installs different types of nozzles on the sprinklers, depending on the types of plants in your garden, because some plants need more water than others.

Instant Lawn Pretoria Area
Bramland tree felling supply and lay instant lawn in and around Pretoria. We believe we can supply at the best rates, while still delivering a professional service. We supply LM and Kikuyu grass. Preparation, before new grass is planted, is crucial. Bramland also recommends that an irrigation system should be installed after the grass has been planted if you want green healthy grass throughout the year. Grass needs a bit of moisture every day. Bramland provides a special formula for the fertilizer that should be applied to the grass to keep it in tip-top shape.

Compost Pretoria Area
Bramland Tree felling in Pretoria, Gauteng, has organic compost available. The compost consists of an organic mixture of leaves, bark, and core wood, that is chipped into small flakes, and it is full of live organisms. We believe compost in a bag is dead compost, and that it must be alive with living organisms. That is why our compost will last for years after it has been worked into your garden. It is not like mushroom compost that only lasts for about 3 months, and then it is worked out. Our compost is not hot. When compost is hot it shows that the manufacturing cycle has not been completed. Live organisms can not survive in hot compost. Contact us if you would like to order, or need further expert advice.

Big Tree Transplanting & Nursery Pretoria Area
We have almost any variety of trees, in any size available. From palm trees, yellow wood, wild olive, etc. If we do not have the tree in stock, we can get it within 24 hours. Do you want to replace an old tree with a new one? Remember that the new tree is going to be in your garden for a very long time, and there are a lot of characteristics to consider. Bramland tree felling can assist you in making the right choice for your garden.

Garden Recovery Pretoria Area
Bramland does a once-off garden recovery. This includes pruning, felling, lawn mowing, etc. depending on the needs of the client. It is an ideal service for new homeowners, or anyone whose garden is giving them nightmares.

Sawmill Pretoria Area
All the beautiful woods like Yellowwood, Oak, Cedar, Wild olive, Cyprus, and Pine, are cut into planks for tabletops and the manufacturing of furniture. At our sawmill in Pretoria East, we also cut slabs of wood up to 1,8 meters wide and unlimited length. This is done with a special saw that Bramland manufactured. The saw is portable so that your big stump can be cut up on your premises, should you wish to do so. Any straight logs can be cut up, We also cut wood to manufacture pallets and can cut sleepers. The public is welcome to contact Bramland Tree Felling for a quotation or to make arrangements to bring any piece of wood or logs to be sawed.

Firewood and Charcoal Pretoria Area
Bramland tree felling(boomsloping) in Pretoria East uses a mixture of hard and soft wood for firewood and charcoal. Larger branches are cut into pieces to be used as firewood.
The softer wood in the mixture produces a higher heat, while the harder wood forms coals that burn longer. Wood that’s unsuitable for burning, as well as the leaves, are mulched for compost. Bramland tree felling does all of the above at our sawmill.
The public is welcome to contact us for enquiries and to order wood and charcoal. We deliver 1 ton bakkie loads, all purpose firewood. We also have Sekelbos, Geelhak, Swarthak, Rooibos, and Hardekool available in bags. Collection only by appointment please. Volume is not an issue for us!

Site Clearing Pretoria Area
Bramland tree felling knows that the preparation of a site is very important. If it’s not done correctly, it can jeopardize the project. Our site clearing operations are carried out very safely. Site clearing is carried out according to the client’s needs. Most of the time we level the ground, remove rocks, cut trees down, and demolish buildings. Contact us for a quote.

Demolishing Pretoria Area
When a client wants a house or building demolished, they must keep the building as intact as possible, because that will save the client money. Demolishing costs are expensive, Bramland tries to keep the cost down by salvaging and recovery of materials, for example, building bricks, roofing, electric cables, aircon, lights, cupboards, etc.

EarthWorks Pretoria Area
Bramland has the machinery to do any earthworks, machinery that we do not have available we rent in.

Plant Hiring, Loggers, and Woodchippers
Our plant hiring section can supply you with any plant you may need. It has 7 different attachments and can enter a space of 1,3 meters wide. It is ideal for backyard work and can fit through a precast wall. Our other special machines are loggers and woodchippers. We can load and move wood trunks very fast. The machines are rented out for short and longer periods. Our woodchippers can chip wood material up to 450mm wide. All machines are rented out with operators.

Building and Renovations

Block Paving Pretoria Area

Using individual bricks or blocks, block paving is a technique for building hard surfaces like patios, and driveways. Typically, clay, concrete, or other composite materials are used to make these blocks. An attractive yet long-lasting substitute for ordinary  concrete surfaces is block paving.

An outline of the block paving procedure is provided below:

Preparation: The necessary depth of excavation is done in the area where block paving is to be put. Usually, this requires leveling and firming the ground and removing any existing surfaces.

Sub-base: To create a sturdy base for the paving blocks, a layer of hardcore material, such as gravel or crushed stone, is spread out and compacted. This sub-base aids in distributing vehicle weight and keeps the blocks from shifting over time.

Bedding Layer: The compacted sub-base is covered with a layer of fine gravel or sharp sand. In addition to offering a level surface for paving block laying, sand also permits small installation changes.

Block Laying: After the bedding layer is removed, the paving blocks are arranged in the appropriate pattern or design. Depending on the desired look and functional needs, this may entail various configurations including herringbone, basketweave, or stretcher bond patterns.

Cutting & Edging: In order to fit around the paved area’s edges or to create complicated designs, blocks may need to be trimmed. Precise cuts are obtained by using special cutting tools.

Compaction and Finishing: After every block is positioned, the bedding layer is forcefully pressed down on them using a compactor. This contributes to a flat and sturdy surface. Sand is used to fill up any residual spaces between the blocks, and the whole paved area is once more compacted.

Sealing (Optional): To improve the look of the paving stones and protect them from stains, oil spills, and weather damage, a sealant may occasionally be sprayed to their surface.

Block paving may be tailored to fit various tastes and styles, making it an appealing and adaptable solution for a range of outdoor areas. Block paving surfaces must be installed and maintained properly to be long-lasting and durable.

Security systems, Electric Fencing, CCTV-Cameras

Natural Wood Art and Furniture Pretoria Area

A wide range of artistic expressions and creations that use wood as their primary medium are included in the category of natural wood art. This sort of artwork honors the natural beauty, grain patterns, and texture that come with various kinds of wood. The following are a few examples of natural wood art:

Woodturning: This is a method where artists shape and cut a piece of wood with hand tools while it is rotating on a lathe. This technique makes it possible to create symmetrical. Through their crafts, woodturners frequently highlight the inherent colors and patterns of the wood’s grain.

Woodworking and Furniture Design: Using conventional joinery techniques and woodworking tools, woodworkers and furniture designers create both ornamental and practical products. Woodworkers make unique objects that emphasize usefulness and aesthetics while showcasing the natural qualities of wood, such as tables, chairs, etc.

The natural beauty and versatility of wood as a medium are celebrated in natural wood art, which gives artists the freedom to investigate these qualities and produce captivating pieces that astonish and inspire.

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