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We are one of the most trusted companies in Pretoria, Gauteng (Ons is boomkenners in Pretoria Oos). Bramland understands what it takes to deliver the best tree felling services in Gauteng. Tree felling and removal can have a lot of unique challenges. Expertise-wise we have found ourselves in some tricky boomsloping situations. Bramland always found the best way out of these situations, and we pride ourselves in our problem-solving abilities. We offer insured services. Our team is fully trained, highly experienced, and reliable. Bramland tree felling offers highly competitive prices. Contact us for fast and efficient, free quotations.


Bramland uses stump grinders to get rid of those unsightly stumps on your property. We have small and large stump grinders. The smaller ones are a relatively light piece of equipment. The stump grinder will quickly grind the stump down to 300-350mm below ground level. Deeper grinds can be achieved but it is very seldom necessary. When finished only a mixture of wood chips and soil is left. The leftover product is normally disposed of within most gardens as mulch.


Bramland tree felling has wood chippers available. The wood chipper can be used to chip various branches, after a tree has been cut down, or pruned. The wood chipper can also be used to quickly clean sites. We are also renting out wood chippers in the Pretoria, Gauteng area. We have wood chips for sale for self-collection or delivery.


We have almost any variety of tree, in any size available. From palm trees, yellowwood, olive, etc. If we do not have a tree in stock we can get it within 24 hours. Do you want to replace an old tree with a new one? Remember the new tree is going to be there for a very long time, and there are a lot of characteristics to consider. Bramland tree felling can assist you to make the right choice for your garden.

BRAMLAND is the most trusted name

in all your tree needs. We take a natural approach to the care of your surroundings. BRAMLAND take pride in our problem – solving abilities. The staff at BRAMLAND is fully trained, highly experienced, and reliable. We provide a full tree felling service and much more.

At BRAMLAND we do not waste,

the trees we fell are processed at our sawmills in Pretoria East.Smaller tree branches are chipped and used to make compost.Wood that can not be used for anything else are used to manufacture charcoal.Firewood are available for braais in summer, and a warm fireplace in winter.

We specialise in Tree felling

(boomsloping) of big and small trees in and around Pretoria. We also provide services such as garden recovery, pruning and trimming,big palm and tree transplanting, site clearing , stump removal & grinding , veld grass cutting , refuse removal, irrigation , landscape , big tree nursery. We also retail firwewood,charcoal and compost

BRAMLAND is located in Pretoria, and have 5 branches in the area.We have been providing a quality tree-felling service to our clients since 1992.We are professional, fully insured experts.Our staff are highly skilled, to give you peace of mind.We invite you to call us for a free quatation.

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