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Wood Chipping in the Pretoria Area- Since 1992 Bramland has been offering expert tree felling/removal / boomsloping and additional services to the Pretoria and surrounding community. 

One such additional service is wood chipping – a vital component to the entire tree felling and pruning process, not only ensuring the area is left clean and tidy but also ensuring that every part of the tree is used to its full potential. The hire/rental of our chippers is not limited to Pretoria only, we provide the service all over from Zeerust to Vaalwater, etc.

Used to chip branches after a tree has been felled or pruned, we have several wood chippers available for any size tree required. Useful for the quick clean-up of sites, our expert teams have wood chippers on hand to quickly chip the remains of any job we complete. 

As an additional service, Bramland also rents/hires out and sells wood chippers in the Pretoria, Gauteng area for clients wishing to make wood chips themselves. 

Wood chips have several uses including making natural compost. When worked into the garden soil, wood chips help to fertilize and keep moisture in the soil for longer – many farmers make use of wood chips for this purpose. 

Expertly taking care of all elements of the tree removal process, Bramland uses wood chippers as an additional service to clean up the site leaving the wood chips behind for the client to use in several ways or removing them and disposing of them in the compost or charcoal making process as a means to ensure our no-waste policy. 

Bramland’s professionally trained team of experts will ensure all wood chipping jobs are completed speedily, risk-free, and reliably keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. 

With branches situated through Pretoria, contact Bramland today for a free wood chipping quotation or the costs of renting/hiring a wood chipping machine. View other services that we offer by, clicking here.

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