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Bramland tree felling service

Bramland tree-felling is one of the most trusted tree-felling services in Gauteng. Our tree-felling services have no competition and have been trusted by clients in and around Pretoria for nearly 20 years. This means that we have had to deal with nearly every possible tree-felling job and the challenges that it holds.

We at Bramland know that every tree felling job is unique and has its own set of challenges. Our tree felling specialists have been trained to the highest standards to solve any challenges they might encounter.

Tree felling is one of the most dangerous professions out there and safety is our number one priority. 

We are FULLY INSURED for all buildings, walls and structures. At Bramland tree felling we understand how much time, money and effort goes into one’s home and property.

Professional tree felling

Tree Felling Arborist

a tree felling arborist is someone that is a professional tree feller. He has had specialized tree felling training.

Why should you use Bramland tree felling?

  • We are fully INSURED.
  • We have more than 20 years of tree service experience.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Christian values.
  • Fast and professional service.
  • Fully equipped for any tree-related work.

Please feel free to contact us for a free tree felling quotation.

Sick trees

Just like us humans trees also have a lifespan and can sometimes become sick or be infested by harmful insects and parasites. It can be difficult to identify a sick tree, especially for someone without any experience.

 Symptoms to look for

  • Check for discoloration

  • Any signs of fungi or mushroom growth

  • Parasite plants growing in the tree

  • Beetles or insect infestations

  • Decaying tree bark

  • Root damage or decay

  • Dead branches 

Early diagnosis of a sickness or problem that a tree might have can sometimes help save a tree and help prevent the spread of such sickness. Feel free to contact us for any advice or help you might require.

 Mistletoe Parasite plant

This is one parasite plant well known to any tree felling company and is transmitted from tree to tree with the help of birds.

The plant has a sticky seed that sticks to a bird’s beak and is then carried to the next tree where it will manifest and start growing.

The plant then feeds on its host and eventually will kill the tree if left untreated.

The only way to successfully treat the infected tree is by cutting away the branches that the parasite grows on.

Tree fungi
Tree fungi
Shot hole borer
Mistletoe Parasite plant