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Stump Grinding and Removal PRETORIA AREA

Stump Grinding and Removal Pretoria – Being experts in the tree felling field, Bramland offer a full service spectrum when it comes to tree felling including tree stump grinding and removal. 

Unsightly tree stumps on your property not only pose an aesthetically negative perception, but they could also cause any number of risks such as damage to vehicles if they are in areas where cars are parked and they aren’t clearly visible. 

Bramland has the necessary equipment, both small and large tree stump grinders, to easily remove tree stumps of any size and ensure it is done quickly as well as effectively. Our expert team will grind the tree stump down to 300 – 350 mm below ground level to where only a mixture of wood chips and soil is left. Deeper grinds can be done but they are seldom necessary and our team will advise accordingly depending on the location, age and type of tree. 

The leftover product of the tree stump grinding is usually disposed of as mulch in the garden, in line with our no-waste policy and an added benefit to the garden beds. 

Stump grinding and removal Pretoria by Bramland, your trusted name in tree felling since 1992, Bramland is committed to ensuring that all elements of tree removal are taken care of. Whether it’s an additional service to a tree felling job that we are providing or the removal of an old tree stump that was left from a previous tree felling service, our team is on hand to help. 

With safety and cost effectiveness foremost in mind, our expertly trained and professional team will complete your tree stump grinding and removal needs quickly, reliably and risk-free. In addition to our stump removal services, we offer additional related services, such as; tree felling, trimming and pruning and so much more.

Any of our Bramland branches situated throughout Pretoria can be contacted for a free quotation. Our team is ready to offer you the best advice and provide you with our renowned expert services.

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