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Irrigation system is a must-have addition to any avid gardeners’ dream! Bramland has been proudly installing manual and automatic irrigation systems throughout Pretoria for a number of years. With an understanding of the importance of water wastage and the correct amount of watering your specific gardens requires, Bramland are committed to offering the most economical and efficient service needed. 

More cost-effective than an automatic system, the manual irrigation system efficiently waters your garden without you having to drag the hose pipe around! With the simple opening of a few valves by hand, Bramland’s manual irrigation system option allows you to water your garden in one easy step whenever you feel it is needed. This system allows you to control the amount of time and days your garden is watered without you having to spend hours watering it by hand. 

Electronic valves with an electronic control or timer, ensure the automatic irrigation system saves you time, money and water. Different options on the timer allow you to set the irrigation of your garden to your needs. An added bonus is the watering of your garden continues whether you are at home or not giving you peace of mind that your lawn and garden beds remain in perfect condition. 

Whether Bramland install a manual or automatic irrigation system in your garden, we always ensure a rain sensor is included. 

After consultation and an inspection of your garden as well as your watering needs, our expert team install different types of nozzles on the sprinklers dependent on the various plants growing in your garden as some plants require more water than others. 

With a number of branches situated throughout Pretoria, our expertly trained teams at Bramland are on hand to quote and install your garden irrigation needs. Click here, to view our wide range of garden related services. Contact us today for an obligation free quote. 

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